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Women at 36,000 feet

A feature documentary on women in aviation.

The world of female pilots is riddled with stereotypes and challenges too often hidden from public view. Discover the struggles they face in training, in the cockpit, and at home, in "Women at 36,000 Feet".

For the first time ever, the complex issues surrounding women in aviation are being investigated across the entire industry. From fighter pilots to commercial airline captains, from helicopter pilots to aerobatic champions; uncover the common fight for equality that underpins these tenacious women’s work on land and in the skies.

Aviation is one of the most under-represented industries in STEM for women. Change is happening, but progress is extremely slow. This production aims to uncover some of the reasons why issues can take decades to improve, and most importantly; what can be done to speed up this progress.

Whether you’re curious about global feminism, women working in male-dominated industries, or motherhood vs a demanding and dangerous career, and young girl’s introduction to STEM fields in education, this documentary will transform perceptions, solve mysteries and inspire positive action for change.

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These are just some of our international supporters from across the aviation industry!

Jessica Ruttenber

Wife, Mother and U.S. Air Force Pilot

I wanted to be part of this documentary to help bring a spotlight on the hidden barriers that have prevented women from accelerating in aviation. Only 6% of United States Air Force pilots are female which is shockingly low considering combat exclusion was lifted for women to become fighter and bomber pilots over 28 years ago.

In an industry with so few women and minorities, documentaries like “Women at 36,000 Feet” are of critical importance.

Refilwe Ledwaba

Pilot and Founder and Executive Director of the GFPA Foundation

I hope the documentary will highlight the fun, candid, positive and learning experiences of women in aviation, their achievements, highlight current challenges and solutions, while also inspiring the next generation of men and women in the industry.

Tracy "Jackie O" LaTourrette

Colorado’s First Lady Fighter Pilot

The world of aviation is open to us all-- but instead of looking for others to follow, I hope you’ll be inspired to imagine what is still missing, what else could be, and chase that. Don’t just follow us, take a lesson or two but then fly right past us on your mission to unlock the next great generation of aviation. There is a place for you in aerospace, if you want one-and we are counting on you to build that place, create your new role, if it’s not readily visible in front of you.

Jennifer Lara

Private Pilot Licence, Dominican Republic

I would like to show how much of a gap there is from male to female pilots. Also, how female pilots deal with the male dominance in the airlines actually at work. How do these female pilots handle certain men in the industry especially the macho ego man.

Ana Uribe Ruiz

Co-President Women in Aviation International San Francisco Bay Area

The sky is never the limit, it's the beginning of a journey!

Captain Tanaya


Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.

Asha Oud

Student pilot, working towards Commercial and multi IFR

I hope this documentary will inspire more females to conquer the skies

Robin McDonough

First Officer

With brave wings she flies!

Morgan Shinn

Pilot, CFI/II/MEI, Houston, USA

I hope this documentary helps women realize that a path in aviation is within reach!

Amy Andaverde

CFI/CFII, San Diego, USA

I want our youth to watch this documentary and see themselves in the cockpit, I want a single mom to watch this documentary and feel empowered to pursue the uncharted territory.

“You can’t be what you don’t see!” (Millbrey McLaughlin)

Lourdes Carmona

CRJ 1000 First Officer

Listos para despegue! Ready for take-off!

Amanda Glover


I hope this documentary influences the next generation of young women in a way that cements their confidence, seals their courage, and gives to them the assurance they need to become a pilot.

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